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NEW USERNAME [October 24th 2006 @ 7:44am]

Young, Loud, & Snotty!

[September 27th 2006 @ 4:54pm]
new username, chee_chi. add that shit.
Young, Loud, & Snotty!

[September 18th 2006 @ 11:43am]
everything's lame. (almost) everybody sucks. i hate school. i'm hungry. my nonna's going to die.

but i love john. and i miss him.

the end.
Young, Loud, & Snotty!

[September 10th 2006 @ 12:03pm]
i seriously love the discovery channel. i want to be a deep sea marine biologist.

allergy attack 2K6 BROSEPHHHH.
Young, Loud, & Snotty!

avast [September 7th 2006 @ 7:54pm]

My pirate name is:

Black Bess Cash

Like anyone confronted with the harshness of robbery on the high seas, you can be pessimistic at times. You're musical, and you've got a certain style if not flair. You'll do just fine. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from piratequiz.com.
part of the fidius.org network
Young, Loud, & Snotty!

stolen survey [September 5th 2006 @ 6:59pm]
Looking back on this summer, have you...

1. Drank alcohol? soo much gatorade&vodka/steel reserve
2. Cried? yes
3. Kissed anyone? yes
4. Been on a vacation to a different state? nah
5. Been on a vacation to a different country? nope
6. Been to the beach? yes
7. Been to an island? yeah, WILDWOOD!
8. Done drugs? haha yes
9. Smoked? mhmm
10. Snuck out? too old for that shit
11. Had a sleepover? i guess so
12. Stayed up all night? yesss
13. Slept in someone elses bed? oh yeah
14. Had sex with more then one person in a day? no
15. Went skinny dipping? nope
16. Been on the computer a lot? ehh sorta
17. Played video games? yeah
18. Listened to an ipod/mp3 player? nah fuck those things, cds nigga
19. Been on over 30 car rides? chyeah
20. Been grounded? too old for that
21. Been to a party? when wasn't i at a party...
22. Regret something? never
23. Been dumped? nope
24. Lied? haha yeah
25. Done anything against the law? ohh yeah
26. Been camping? i wish
27. Got in a fight? yup
29. Stayed at a hotel? nah
30. Talked on the phone all night? no
31. Went shopping? a little bit
34. Asked someone out? nope, but i got asked out
35. Got in a car with a stranger? no
36. Lost someone close? in a sense, yes
37. Had someone sleep in your bed? no
38. Been to a movie? yes
39. Been to a club? rock clubs like cb's, not gay techno shit
40. Slept in? fuck yes
41. Got tanner? yeah. it went away.
42. Watched TV for more than 5 hours? ew fuck no
43. Tried something new? yeah, SEX. haha forreal.
44. Did homework? FUCK no
45. Learned something new? yup
46. Went surfing? no :'(
47. Went dancing? ha fuck no
48. Been to a concert? yeah, new york dolls <3 and various shows
49. Quoted a movie? of course
50. Played with fire? haha yeah
51. Made new friends? yup

Who is the person/people you were with the most?
pam&jasmin, john

Where have you been the most?

What is your favorite ice cream this summer?
cotton candy forever

What is the best day?
it really might have been september 3rd....but there were too many other good ones to count.

What is your biggest regret so far this summer?

What is your favorite song this summer?
jesus, i can't pick. let's just call it even at Mr. Roboto....

What is your favorite movie this summer?

Is this the best summer so far?
actually, yes. yes it is.
Young, Loud, & Snotty!

[August 29th 2006 @ 12:57pm]
Your Life: The Soundtrack
Directions: Open your choice of music player and put it on shuffle. Press play.
For every question type the song thats on.
When you go to a new question press the next button.
Ready? GO!

Opening credits: The Damned - Jet Boy, Jet Girl

Waking up: Adolescents - The Liar

Average day: 999 - Homicide

First date: Joe Budden - Pump It Up

Falling in love: Municipal Waste - Thrashing's My Business, and business is good

Fight scene: Slaughter and the Dogs - Boston Babies

Breaking up: Dead Milkmen - Violent School

Getting back together: Dipset - Baby Girl

Secret love: The Clash - Rock the Casbah

Life's okay: The Cramps - Dinner with Dracula

Mental breakdown: Voodoo Glow Skulls - Ugly Stick

Driving: Violent Femmes - Jesus Walking on the Water

Learning a lesson: Plasmatics - Brain Dead

Deep thought: Tupac w/Nas - Thug Mansion Acoustic

Flashback: Hanoi Rocks - Heart Attack

Partying: The Knack - My Sharona

Happy dance: Metallica - The Four Horsemen

Long night alone: Screeching Weasel - Cool Kids

Death scene: Blanks 77 - Gimme Speed
Young, Loud, & Snotty!

[August 29th 2006 @ 11:49am]
last night i had a dream that i was doing coke.

oh snap.
1 Young, Loud, & Snotty!

[August 24th 2006 @ 4:43pm]
i've never been so happy to get my period.
5 Young, Loud, & Snotty!

[August 24th 2006 @ 1:16pm]
i keep having dreams about beating people up and cheating on john. although i never actually cheat on him in the dreams...each time i stop myself right before i'm about to. last night i had a dream like that, and then later in the dream john cheated on me with two girls. it was weird. i was freaking out and he said it's not cheating unless you have sex with another person.

in all my fight dreams, i beat the shit out of the person until they can't move. yeahh.

fighting and fucking...my subconscious is screwin with me somethin fierce.
Young, Loud, & Snotty!

[August 22th 2006 @ 1:14pm]
last night, i noticed something.

it's not so much pam, jasmin, & lucia anymore. it's more like pam, jasmin.............lucia.
i feel like the third wheel to some sort of couple who's so wrapped up in eachother that they barely notice me.

why did i feel awkard hanging out with the two girls i've come to depend on for everything? apparently it's "my fault" that things are that way.

i'm kind of at a loss, but i guess there's nothing i can do about it but accept it and cut my losses. life goes on. if they don't have a problem with their lives going on without me involved as much as i used to be, then i shouldn't have a problem with it, either.
Young, Loud, & Snotty!

[August 18th 2006 @ 9:49am]
allergies=out of hand

they got so bad yesterday i couldn't even go into work.

it turns out that i have an eye infection, which doesnt really surprise me considering how red my eyes got yesterday, and the massive amounts of mucous i was pulling out of them. sorry if that's graphic, but it was really one of the most painful things ever. ridiculous.

also, my skin went nuts. my eczema started spreading all over my arms, onto my shoulders, and onto my face, AND i have a heat rash on my lower arms.

sooo me and my dad went to the doctor last night. she hooked us up with free everything (since we're po' and don't have a prescription plan). we got free eyedrops for the infection, a HUGE box of 100 claritin, extra strength hydrocortizone cream for my eczema, and some follow-up eyedrops for after the infection is gone, in case my allergies get bad again. she was fucking awesome.

and i can't come out of my house until saturday, even though i want to so bad :(.

the end.
1 Young, Loud, & Snotty!

[August 16th 2006 @ 1:10pm]
last night i had a dream that i beat up gina delveccio. kinda weird.

however i must say it felt good to put out a cigarette on somebody and proceed to chase them down the street/kick the shit out of them, dream or not.
Young, Loud, & Snotty!

[August 15th 2006 @ 11:18am]
i shall thrice lay you.
Young, Loud, & Snotty!

i'm totally fucked.... [August 9th 2006 @ 11:04am]
can somebody help me find my v-card?

because i'm pretty sure that I LOST IT!!!!!!!!

8 Young, Loud, & Snotty!

[August 5th 2006 @ 3:17pm]
sometimes i feel like the only people i can depend on are going to be taken away from me again once school starts up. i'm so scared that i'm going to be depressed and alone the way i was last year. i've been having really bad anxiety about it and i can't get it out of my mind. pam and jasmin are there for me no matter what, and i'm just not as happy or secure when they're gone. and as for everyone else, i doubt anybody really cares or is there for me.

so why do i even try?
Young, Loud, & Snotty!

[August 3th 2006 @ 3:47pm]
i have a boyfriend!

his name is john (not johnny). he's pretty cool.

2 Young, Loud, & Snotty!

DBHF06: THE WILDWOOD TALES - list of achievements [July 29th 2006 @ 2:41pm]
Days Drunk: 5
Days Stoned: 5
Chicken and Beer Dinners: 1
Sex Had: 5
Action Gotten: 8
"Fuck yo couch nigga"s: 12
Virginities Lost (ha): 0
Drunk people who disappeared: 2
Fist Fights: 3
Great Falls: 3
Dinners made for John and Jared: 1
Condoms Used: 5
Eureka's Sand Castles: 1
Children Lost: 1
Trips to Hawaiin Rumble (aka worst breakfast ever): 1
People Dead: 0
Party Fouls: 4
Dance Parties: 5
Hauntings: 1
Japanese Raps: 8
Asses Grabbed: 8
Butter Fallen: 3
Toenails Injured: 1
Destiny's CHILD!: 1
Freak Outs!: 6
Bugs Killed: 3
Cigarettes Stolen: 6
Racial Slurs: 6 (nothing serious, we're all anti-racists. and jasmin's boricua.)
Aloe Vera spread: 1
Moustaches made: 5
Ruined Highs: 2
Sandy Blankets Laid: 2
"Teshman, you're my favorite"'s: 1
Dirty Mexicans: 1
"Make you a burrito":2
Regrets: 0!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It made for one crazy fucking week. TRY AND BEAT THAT, MOTHA FUCKA!
4 Young, Loud, & Snotty!

[July 22th 2006 @ 1:45am]
Tomorrow is the start of DBHF06: Wildwood Tales, and it is going to be one sick week.

Tonight i saw the new york dolls. it was fucking amazing.

Last night i (finally) made out with john. That wasn't too shabby, either.
1 Young, Loud, & Snotty!

[July 10th 2006 @ 11:11am]
soo i went to halfway last night. there was this german band there called ss kaliert...whew. they were hot. and they said me a meg could stay with them in germany...SCORE.

on another note, that girl stupidasshole's been fucking is now his girlfriend. how sweet.
Young, Loud, & Snotty!

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